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Our group is now in the JLJ campus of Qingdao University of Technology, which is nestled amidst green hills and neighboring a beautiful lake. Our group, consisting of academic staff, postdoctoral fellows and research students, mainly studies the fundamentals of thin film lubrication and its application.As has been known, thin film lubrication provides an efficient way for reducing friction and avoiding wear in a tribo-pair, and plays an important role in the operation of different components, such as high speed machinery, miniature devices and artificial implants. Dedicated to area of thin lubrication film for more than ten years, our group has successfully built a series of optical systems for lubrication film measurement with new principles, which enables accurate measurement of lubrication films at thickness ranging from nano to micro-meter scales. Robust calculation codes have also been developed by our group for numerical simulation of the lubrication process, whereby some insightful details, for example, the pressure and flow field, can be obtained.With new knowledge in the studies, novel lubrication techniques have been presented and used by our partners in industries.